Mortgage News: The Good, The Bad, The Challenges

Congratulations to RDM Financial Consultants

Tracy’s Office, The Mortgage Centre RDM Financial Consultants, has been named Top Brokerage of the Year and a Top 10 Brokerage by Volume by Canadian Mortgage Professional (CMP).

Thanks to its team of experienced professionals, who have strong lender relationships and a solid understanding of the mortgage business, RDM has been able to adjust to changing market conditions over the past year. In addition, the brokerage has made efforts to standardize and streamline processes to ensure agents and brokers can dedicate their time to developing their client base.

Identity Theft Alert

What You Need to Know about “How mortgage fraudsters left this Canadian with a bank lien on her $1M+plus property

A shocking excerpt from Canadian, Lukrezia Buzanic in a Financial Post article that goes beyond identity theft:

“I can’t begin to explain to you, because I get so angry and nervous, about how many times a day they called me, “ she says. “I lost 45 pounds in less than three months. I’ve never seen a bank with such gangster tactics, honest to God.”

Read the article.

The reality is identify theft is on the rise. Learn how to protect yourself by reading the Consumer Handbook produced by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Consumer Measures Committee.

Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada – Fall Edition

The Fall Edition of the Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Marketing in Canada highlights current challenges in achieving homeownership particularly for younger Canadians as well as potential impacts resulting from new B-20 guidelines and newly-implemented stress test.

The majority of Canadians continue to view real estate as a good long-term investment and consider their mortgage as ‘good debt’, this despite rising housing prices and recent government intervention. Learn more by Downloading the Fact Sheet or Download the Complete Report.

Tracy & Sid’s November to Remember

Well, if this doesn’t warm your heart, nothing will.

Tracy and Sid (aka Nana and Avi) ran the 1K ROAD2HOPE Marathon with grandchildren, Dean and Addy on November 4.

Reports say, “Dean was tough and ran the whole 1K. Addy beat him at the end when she thought she might not get a medal” (Just a little competitive.)


Congratulations to the 3 Musketeers!

Tracy, Sid, and Nathan finished the half marathon on November 5 at the ROAD2HOPE despite soggy conditions.

Rumour has it this was Nathan’s first and apparently last half marathon. He thinks that golfing is a much more civilized sport (Tracy agrees).

Tracy’s Holiday Wishes…

This Christmas, make it a point to bring a smile to every face you see. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Make it a special one!

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