About Tracy

Tracy Irwin, Broker
has a passion for sharing knowledge and financial expertise.

She is an expert in value and how it translates into savings. What she does makes a difference to her clients. And it shows … she’s always smiling!

During the 1990’s Tracy Irwin owned and managed a successful insurance brokerage.  She understood the complexities of keeping an eye on the bottom line – balancing customer and employee satisfaction with growth and return on equity.  The brokerage had an excellent reputation in the industry for tremendous earning power drawing the attention of several outside investors.  Recognizing the moment, Tracy decided it was time to take on new challenges.  With admired and respected management skills and practical strategies, Tracy sold her interest in the company as it ventured onto the TSX and NASDAQ.

Today, Tracy is sharing her passion in a new career – as a mortgage professional.  Staying true to her core values, Tracy delivers the straight goods when it comes to helping clients find new financing or optimizing existing mortgages.  The more money she’s able to teach clients to save, the happier Tracy is. Working with The Mortgage Centre gives Tracy the freedom she demands … being able to provide unbiased expertise … products that have the right mix of benefits, features … and excellent rates.   These are the shining stars of every successful business. And who should know better than Tracy?

Now isn’t it nice to know someone who understands the corporate world … and that they will share their passion to help make the future a little more predictable and secure?

Education plays a key role in ensuring that you are getting the best advice for your financing needs.  An AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professional) designation is recognized as Canada’s single national proficiency standard for the mortgage industry.  An AMP offers a high level of integrity, customer service and industry knowledge.  Tracy not only has her AMP designation, she has finalized her Mortgage Broker licence in order to bring you the best advice possible.

Tracy’s public relations commitments extend to creating the Becoming House Rich seminar and workshop series, publishing articles for Roaring Women and several Financial, Tax Planners and Accountants; and appearing on the live TVCogeco program Business Women & Financial Success.

Tracy’s community contributions include being a conscientious Board Member for the Roaring Women Education Fund, committed to creating funds for women for the future development of business and communities and energetic participant with the Heron Point Ladies Golf League.

Memberships include:  Burlington Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), Company of Women, Roaring Women Ltd., and the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Tracy is a not only a talented entrepreneur, she’s a gifted and inspiring speaker, sparking innovative thinking through the sharing of her insights and passion for business.