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Five Easy-to-Avoid Pitfalls When Buying a Home

expert trapWith nearly 700,000 homes purchased in Canada each year, there’s no shortage of stories about the unanticipated pitfalls that can present themselves for home buyers.

Doing your research, planning ahead, not rushing through the process, and relying on the advice of experts, like Tracy Irwin – Mortgage Broker is key to making a successful purchase.

Before you start the home buying process, learn from these Common Mortgage Pitfalls. Then connect with Mortgage Broker, Tracy Irwin for expert advice so you don’t get trapped!

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Life in the Fast Lane

vehicle damageTracy’s Travels

One day in early June, Tracy learned to accept bad news with good. She was hit by a driver going through a red light. Thankfully, Tracy wasn’t seriously hurt and had two weeks to get in shape before her trip to Iceland.

As an aside, Matt Poort at PV&V Insurance and Novex were excellent in dealing with my claim. How often can you say that?

Tracy Irwin Suzuki Midnight Run

From Tracy’s Travel Journal:  Later in June, our trip to Iceland started with the Suzuki Midnight run (starts at 9 pm). I had to modify my run from the half marathon distance to the 5k distance but totally thrilled that I could run three weeks after my accident. Beautiful course

I’m not sure exactly why every vacation has to include a race, but there you go. It’s so good for the soul!


Scenic Iceland!

Incredible vistas, beautiful scenery, stunning waterfalls and vastly different topography. We travelled the entire ring road and know where we would like to go when we come back.

Interesting tidbit, Sid’s mother was a Canadian born and of Iceland decent. Sid’s great-great grandfather emigrated from Iceland in 1875 from Patreksfjörður.

We visited the original homestead and visited with relatives along the ring road. Everyone is related in Iceland! Population is only 330,000 with 60% of the population living in Reykjavík.

Joyful July

We celebrated granddaughter Mila’s Christening.

She’s 6 months old and getting cuter by the minute, don’t you think?


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