The Next Generation of Homebuyers

2016 Spring Consumer Report by Mortgage Professionals Canada

first time home buyersTwice a year, Mortgage Professionals Canada releases survey results on the state of the residential mortgage market in Canada. This time around, the focus was on The Next Generation of Homebuyers.

The report delves into the behaviours and attitudes of Canadians under the age of 40 who don’t currently own a home but expect to own in the future – a group for which very little has been reported on until now. Read the report.

The most startling statistic we discovered was 74% of Next Gens admit they have at best only a “partial” understanding of the services mortgage brokers provide. Wow! If you’re a parent, help educate your Next Generation offspring by forwarding this newsletter. If you’re a Next Gen planning to own a home in the next 5 years – let’s talk!

Meet Tracy’s New BFF

Tracy Irwin and Nala, Siberian HuskeyIntroducing Nala, Tracy’s new Grandpup and BFF (best furry friend)!

Pictured here at 14 weeks, Nala is a beautiful Siberian Husky with tons of energy. After a 5K walk on the Dundas Valley Trails, Nala is ready for her next adventure.

(We’re not sure who will tire out first!)

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