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Why use a mortgage broker?

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Dictionary Definitions:

debt \ 'det \ noun: something owed: obligation

mortgage \ 'mor-gij \ noun:
a transfer of rights to a piece of property usually as security for the payment of a loan or debt that becomes void when the debt is
Mortgage Definition

A mortgage is likely the single largest debt that you’ll ever know. It’s a loan that includes huge interest costs over time.  For those of us who aren’t independently wealthy, a mortgage is likely the only way we’ll ever own a home. 

Managing debt can be a burden, while owning a home can be a life changing experience.  A mortgage broker will help you balance these responsibilities by providing you with the right products and services – so you can sleep at night! 

A mortgage broker is a certified professional who seeks the best mortgage terms for you by accessing a network of lenders that includes major banks, trust companies, credit unions and finance companies. 

6 Great Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

  1. Mortgage expertise can save you money
    We work to reduce your anxiety and save you time by approaching multiple lenders to find the right home mortgage for you.
  2. Brokers can be more flexible than the banks to fit your unique situation
    We can alleviate your stress by having access to innovative solutions for your exclusive needs.
  3. Our professional expertise is paid by the lenders, not by you
    We save you money – we are paid directly by the lender so there are no additional fees for our expertise and services.
  4. Professional advice is based solely on your needs and in your best interest
    We work for you – not the lenders to bring the best mortgage terms to available.
  5. We will meet you at your convenience and preferred location
    Just another way to help you relax and let us come to you.
  6. We are committed to education
    We can put your mind at ease by increasing our expertise through education.  An AMP, Accredited Mortgage Professional, is dedicated to finding the right mortgage solution for your needs. They offer a high level of integrity, customer service and industry knowledge.
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